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managers say there is mercy of wholesalers who bid up the price of good quality crops. >> investigators look, at the crash of a tanker ship into a bay bridge tower are looking at a primary cause. our reporter is like on treasure island with more on what the evidence is pointing to. amy? >> the san jose mercury news is now reporting that the pilot may have changed his mind and he changed course before he crossed under the bridge. look at bridge and there are different lanes the pilot can choose from. it is reported the might changed lanes at last minute. investigators do not know why the 61-year-old pilot did. he has sailed professionally for 36 years and he did pass a drug and alcohol test after the crash. he was piloting the "overseas
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raymar" when the crashed into the bridge. it was foggy. that could be a factor. a beacon on the bridge was not working. investigators will consider whether that confused him and causeed him to switch course. this is the first time pilot error has surfaced for a cause. it was not communication or mechanical area or mistake in judgment, but investigators will look at all of that. it caused several million in damage to the ship and the bridge. >> thank you very much. the federal government is coming after disgraced cycleing champion, lance armstrong, with a new tactic as he begins the journey to come clean. after years of denial this new information comes. katie? ought government will take legal action against lance armstrong. abc news, the "wall street
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journal", and "usa today" are reporting that the justice department is highly likely to join a lawsuit filed against armstrong by former teammate. abc says the suit alleges armstrong defrauded the u.s. government by denying 9 use of performance enhancing drugs because the postal service sponsored the raising career. if he loses he could pay a substantial amount of money to the government. right now the deadline to join the case is thursday for the department the same day his interview with oprah is schedule to air. sources say armstrong admitted the drug use to oprah and before 9 interview he apologized to the staff of the charity he founded. >> the biggest test for him is how well he apologizes. most of all, he will apologize to people he got involved in the fight against cancer. >> he was stripped of the tour
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de france title, lost most endorsements and was forced to leave the charity last year. oprah tweeted the interview was lasted more than 2 1/2 hours and it will air thursday on her network. >> thank you, we are following breaking news right now with firefighters spending to a structure fire in crockett at jackson, a live picture shows plumes of smoke from our mount tamien camera, which is near a factory perhaps you have seen it in the carquinez bridge area and the firefighters are in defensive mode and will not enter the building. sue got word they have opened the union pacific tracks near there so amtrak trains who were worried about delays should not be affected this morning. amtrak should be okay and on
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time and the coast guard is assisting because debris is going in the water. again, the union pacific tracks that were shut down have new re-opened. we will continue to monitor the story and bring update as we get them. >> police were investigating the body found in the trumping of -- trunk of a car near the university and the car was towed away. it is conducted to a crime friday in santa rosa. the death is considered "suspicious" but they are not revealing the cause of death. >> san francisco police reach out to the public to find a man who attacked a woman in the mission district. they released this concept of a -- this sketch of a man accused of attempted rape described as 5' 8" and around 160 pounds.
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he pullinged her and wrestled her to the ground before being scared off. >> marin county is hosting a gun buyback program today and next monday and are willing to pay for more than guns. you can get $200 for turning in a semi-automatic rifle and $100 for other firearms and $10 for violent video games. drop off is from 11:00 this morning at various police stations including st. appear -- st. andrew's church. you do fault have to from the county to get money. >> and there is still a search for a permanent police chief when chris moore retires. the department re-opened the search after passing on all the candidate whose applied for the job. >> attorneys and plaintiffs in
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the p pg&e are willing to settle a fire, after eight people were killed and three dozen homes were killed. aging pipes and poor maintenance caused the blast with 400 lawsuits filed. a quarter have been settled. a ruling in october allows the jury to consider punitive damages and is prompting pg&e to settle. >> facebook has a new development at 10:00 at headquarters. they have been keeping the announcement under wraps. there is speculation they could have a feature that intensify competition with google search. users would welcome that because the current search functions are limited. they are not likely to unveil a smartphone after the c.e.o. shot down that rumor in the fall. in silicon valley, governor brown will announce an online educational partnership between
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san jose state university and a tech start-up. the pilot program will make online courses available to students with a goal of expanding access to higher education. >> people in marin county are spending a cold morning without power after a huge redwood tree ripped down power lines on to a house. the tree went down yesterday morning on west baltimore avenue and damaged the roof of a house. no one was hurt. authorities say the tree roots were too decayed to old up and pg&e restored power to 40 customers but it will be 7:00 a.m. before the other homes have restored power. >> you need your power this morning. >> hope you have gas heat, but, mike has a look at the forecast. is it as cold as yesterday? >> colder. good morning, everyone. we will get you updated on the warnings. freeze warning continues for east bay and interior valleys
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and the north bay so middle 20's to low 30's for several hours this morning. at least until 9:00. keep the plants and pipes protected. we have fog along the bayshore line and frost advisory until 9:00 this morning for temperatures in the low 30's so want out for the pets and plants but not the pipes. temperatures today are freezing cold to the coast through 7:00 and we will hit the low 50's if most areas by none with a lot of bright sunshine. we will have calmer conditions this afternoon. temperatures will warm and low-to-mid 50's so we are back to average by 4:00 and not as cool this afternoon, but, still, 40 inland and mid-to-upper 40's around the bay and to the coast. the in equity these -- the next three days, the slow. withing trend continues and we are in the upper 50's and 60's
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on wednesday and low 60's on thursday and friday with a threat of frost. >> sue? >> now the bay bridge toll plaza on this tuesday morning, we have very light conditions. a few cars westbound on the incline into san francisco it is clear. no problems. nice at the limit. conditions on the san mateo bridge, same thing. and brake lights on the flat section on to the high-rise but it is 15 minutes between hayward and foster city. the central valley is looking good with no problems from address and 205 over the altamont pass into dublin/pleasanton and just about 20 minutes this. we have road work in lane southbound 880 coleman to north bascom in san jose which be picked up by 7:00. >> no amtrak delays expected because of the fire we are
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monitoring as breaking news unfolds in crockett. >> a bay area city votes whether to shut down a neighborhood 7/11 store.
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>> walnut creek, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, on abc7 morning news a look at the cold and frosty tuesday morning. when i say "frosty" i mean cold variety of frost. >> this is a look toward the bay bridge with no problems. there is a fire in crockett. we will have more on that coming up. >> more news this morning. animal control officials are looking for the person who shot a woman's cat with an arrow. the good news is the cat will
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survive. he was in the barn of his owner's property when someone hit him. the animal hospital votes saved the cat. the cat should get out of the hospital today. the owners of store lost a fight to keep the business open but 7/11 vows to sue the city. we explain the controversy. >> i love it. a lot of the little stores are closed by 8:00 in the evening. >> despite the approval of some, an organized group of san mateo neighbors say this 7/11 store was illegally allowed to move into a former deli. >> it is a quiet sleepy neighborhood. the folks have to look at the lights all night. >> the original code expired because the building was vacant
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more than six months. they want it rezoned as "residential." but the city already issued a commercial permit to 7/11 and the store has been operating for two weeks. >> we cannot put the milk back in the bottle. >> tones say the company will lose $8 million and the decision to revogue the -- revoke the permit would force legal action. >> it will violate the law and the constitutional rights of the property owner. >> the attorney for the neighbor accused 7/11 of bullying the city into reversing the decision. >> the property owner and the tenant decided to take a calculated business risk or failed to do their proper due diligence before purchasing the property and entering into a long-term lease. >> the city council voted to revoke 7/11's permit and there the city's legal team made a mistake the city should do what is right even if it means fighting 7/11 in court.
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>> there are plenty of tickets available for the 49er fans willing to travel to atlanta. the niners victory on saturday put them in the title game and a win away from the super bowl. they are taking on atlanta at the georgia dome on sunday. that means ticket sellers are not getting the business they expected because the majority of fans do not have the time or expense to make a trip to atlanta. >> i had a person called up that wants to travel to atlanta. this is the difference. if they played here there would be $100,000 worth of tickets but right now, nothing. >> you have to work. you cannot travel. love to go if i could. >> many fans are landing to host game-watching parties at home. a lot cheaper that way. the game starts at noon on sunday our time.
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>> good time to stay in and watch football. >> it will be warmer this weekend with temperatures in the 60's. if you are a big fan you will take one for the team. >> now, good morning, everyone. 4:47. you can see the colors in the ferry building, the beautiful red for the 49ers. live doppler 7 hd shows a couple of things including a lack of radar returns. there was frost on my car but it wasn't nearly as thick as it was early in the week. the air mass is drying. the ground is drying, too. redwood city is two degrees warmer and los gatos is one degree warmer and fremont is the same and everyone else is cooler, with fairfield 12 degrees cooler and three degrees in san francisco and one in
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oakland and six in san jose. in fact, san jose is flirting with frost. 31 in los gatos and inland is below freezing but antioch at 34. cool spot is 32 in half moon bay and santa cruz and inland, gilroy is 28 degrees this morning. now, as we move forward, sunshine today. the warming trend begins. frost is likely tonight inland. that is most likely, also, the last one we will have for a while because it will be mostly sunny and warmer this weekend not only during the day but transition into the overnight hours and take away the frost. our temperatures today are 52 in antioch. 54 in concord and livermore and richmond and san francisco and san rafael and 56 in palo alto. to monterey bay mid-to-upper
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50's and total sunshine, possibly a passing high cloud. the freezing temperatures are inland mostly in the mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore to the coast to san francisco. not much different than yesterday, with two areas of pressure sitting right there so not much will change until we move the cooler air mass off to the east tomorrow when we hit 60 around the bay. we will hit 60 everywhere on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday and the warmest days being this welcome end. >> in fremont, first reports of an accident at thornton northbound 880 blocking the middle lane. i am not seeing red sensors there and it is green getting by but we will follow that. in crockett we have mentioned the news of a fire at jackson street. i bring that up because it is near the union pacific tracks.
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the first capital corridor train out of second men -- second men to -- sacramento is set to leave at 5:30. elsewhere we have road work on the dumbarton bridge westbound until 5:00 and eastbound until 6:00 with various lanes blocked there. kristen and eric? >> 4:50. thank you very much. >> coming up, breaking news, more on our crockett fire that sue has been covering. it is going on right off the carquinez bridge. firefighters have been responding to a structure fire. it is very close to the factory area. we were seeing some plumes of smoke and we are trying to confirm if that is smoke from the fire and factories could be
4:50 am
producing steam but we have report of a one-alarm fire. union pacific tracks were shut down. we have word they have re-opened. crews have asked for water supply and are in defensive mode not getting anyone in the building. the coast guard is assisting because debris is going in the water. this is happening in crockett. we will cover this breaking news as we continue in the [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ]
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>> a chilly tuesday morning. this is the suspicious -- the abc7 news. the lanes are being reversed on the bay bridge. there is a fire in crockett. >> the end of the line for residents of a marina, with the
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state-owned property sold by a private developer who will build a 400-unit apartment complex. residents have not had luck fighting the eviction order. a judge denied the request for a restraining order. a few tenants have decided to defy the order. >> bart has a new customer satisfaction that shows the attitudes to bart are improving, with overall satisfaction at 84 percent up 2 percent from the last survey. 93 percent would recommend bart to a friend or out of town guest. 70 percent agree it is a good value for the money. the survey showed room for improvement in elevators and stations being clean and available seats on the trains. >> satisfaction could be up if they have ample heating on the train. >> nice warm seat to sit on.
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>> standing room only, maybe you like that body heat. >> a way to look at it. >> good morning, everyone. i promise by the afternoon hours we will have a warming trend. we will get to 60 and maybe mid-60's by the weekend. today we will be in the low-to-mid 50's in most neighborhoods and 57 in oakland and 58 in santa rosa and 56 today in san jose and 54 in san francisco and san mateo and concord and livermore. look how dry the stay it. temperatures are warming. 41 today in tahoe. the record cold year was 11 degrees below level. they went from 14 below on sunday to 11 below. it and a heat wave. 62 in los angeles and 57 in palm springs and san diego. sue? >> thank you, mike. a look at our two 80 camera in san jose, this is 280 northbound
4:55 am
direction highway 17 crossing here as you can see just a few headlights not passing through the screen coming from slow and moving toward sunnyvale and cupertino. very light traffic here. to san rafael, this is 101 beyond the marin ymca and traffic is light from novato, as well, and fog free. a small area of issue north 880 in fremont at thornton we have an accident in the middle lane but now cleared to the shoulder. we have eastbound leverage with a few more minutes for road work with a detour in place. there are yellow sensors and westbound is moving nicely toward concord. the drive times from the central valley, show highway four commute less than 20 minutes and the east shore freeway is 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. >> it is 4:57.
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people who eat a lost fish from the dope sea could get more than they bargained for. a new study finds wide-spread unsafe levels of mercury in people and fish because of ocean contamination. researchers checked hair samples from peck in eight countries and found 82 percent exceeded the safe level of mercury from the epa. high levels of mercury can cause damage to the brain, the heart, the kidneys and the immune system. >> san francisco supervisor wants a name change for sfo. would he wants to honor. >> this cold weather is making for dangerous conditions for the homeless. coming up we will tell you about an opportunity for those in need an opportunity for those in need to get free blankets and co [ ]
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>> abc7 news starts with live breaking news. >> good morning, everyone, 5:00 a.m., right now firefighters are at scene of a treasure fire -- a structure fire if crockett. you can make out the smoke from the camera looking toward crockett. >> a couple of things on the fire, the fire department says any are now going in defensive mode so firefighters are not entering the building. it is not clear whether the building was occupied. right now, this is happening off the carquinez bridge. you can probably see the smoke from the bridge. it is not affecting bridge track. the coast guard is assisting because debris is
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